My work is a search movement along contexts that show up with urgency in our society. These are above all the fields in which people move between excessive demands, dependence and isolation or longing for dissolution of boundaries: drugs (psychotropic drugs), religion, new media. I am concerned with questions of forgetting and repetition. How can I transfer the past into a state that does not remain trapped in the original situation? Can I escape the flood of images and information and use them productively for myself?
What if we could find some kind of order in the flood of content? I am particularly interested in the way people deal with information overload. How do they cope with too many images, too much data and too little time to process it all? Information and communication technologies have become essential parts of our lives. They affect us every day in ways we cannot imagine anymore. We constantly receive messages through various channels and our attention is constantly being shifted. How can we react to this constant change? What happens to our mind? What is the impact on our perception and cognition? What makes this situation different than before?
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